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Basic Formulas - Hydrostatic Pressure (HP)

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  • Basic Formulas - Hydrostatic Pressure (HP)

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    Hydrostatic Pressure (HP)

    Hydrostatic pressure using ppg and feet as the units of measure
    HP = mud weight, ppg x 0.052 x true vertical depth (TVD),ft
    Example: mud weight = 13.5ppg
    true vertical depth (TVD)= 12,000ft
    HP = 13.5ppg x 0.052 x 12,000ft
    HP = 8424psi

    Hydrostatic pressure, psi, using pressure gradient, psi/ft
    HP = psi/ft x true vertical depth, ft
    Example: pressure gradient = 0.624 psi/ft
    true vertical depth = 8500ft
    HP = 0.624psi/ft x 8500ft
    HP = 5304psi
    Hydrostatic pressure, psi, using mud weight, lb/ft3
    HP = mud weight, lb/ft3 x 0.006944 x TVD, ft
    Example: mud weight = 90lb/ft3
    true vertical depth = 7500ft
    HP = 90lb/ft3 x 0.006944 x 7500ft
    HP = 4687psi

    Hydrostatic pressure, psi, using meters as unit of depth
    HP = mud weight, ppg x 0.052 x TVD, m x 3.281
    Example: mud weight = 12.2ppg
    true vertical depth = 3700 meters
    HP = 12.2ppg x 0.052 x 3700 x 3.281
    HP = 7701psi

    Metric calculations

    Hydrostatic pressure, bar = drilling fluid density, kg/l x 0.0981 x true vertical depth, m

    S.I. units calculations

    Hydrostatic pressure, kPa = (drilling fluid density, kg/m3 : 102) x true vertical depth, m